Configuring to Work with AWS Clusters

This topic describes how to enable to run jobs over your own AWS cluster.

Before you start, ensure that you have enabled AssumeRole in your AWS account.

There are steps to perform both in the Web view and the AWS CloudFormation console.

In the Web view

  1. Log on to

  2. Click your user avatar and select Settings in the list that is displayed.

    The Settings page is displayed.

  3. In the Cloud tab, click Add cloud.

The Add cloud page is displayed.

Note: cloud is connected as the default unless another Cloud instance is selected.

  1. Click the Cloud Type list.

  1. Click AWS.

  1. Provide values for the following fields:

  2. Display name: Name of the cloud instance

  3. Region​: Select AWS Region from the list

  4. Amazon ID: required by in order to access instances in your account. The amazon ID can be obtained as described in AWS User Guide.

  5. Click Next.

The following window is displayed.

In the AWS CloudFormation console

  1. Ensure that you are logged on to AWS.

  2. Click Next until the cloud creation starts. The process of setting configurations might take up to two minutes.

  3. Wait between one and two minutes for the cloud formation to be completed.

  4. After you see that the cloud formation has finished successfully, go back to the dashboard.

Please read the following limitations

  • Altering the script configuration(before or after) running it, might cause errors in the onboarding process to disco.

  • Running onboarding on multiple regions, might cause errors in the onboarding process to disco.

In the Web view

  1. Return to the window that you left open.

  2. Click Setup.

    Wait up to 30 seconds while validates the cloud formation configurations and links your AWS account with

    The following messages might be received:



  3. In the event there was a problem connecting, click Back and remedy the problem. Otherwise, click Done. When a 'Success' message is displayed, your AWS cloud is fully connected with

The AWS cloud will be added to your cloud list, as you can see in the following form:

The following options are available:

  • Change name: Edit the name of the cloud instance.

  • Cloud script: Copy the script from the cloud to update your AWS settings and save the changes.

  • Disable: Disable the connection.

  • If the cloud is not connected, click the Reconnect button from the table to set up the connection.