Python SDK

The disco package lets you run jobs on the platform from a Python program.

Using the SDK, you can create computing jobs, run them on, and get their results to your local machine. It is possible to offload any kind of Python program to be run on

The full python documentation may be found here:


To install the Python SDK, run:

$ pip install disco


import disco
import pathlib
disco.set_credentials('', 'my_password', save_to_config=True)
my_file_id = disco.upload_file('', pathlib.Path(''))
job = disco.Job.create(my_file_id)
(task_result,) = job.get_results(block=True)

The code above uploads the file, runs it on cloud, waits for the job to finish, and writes the results to my_results folder.

When the job has been created, you can see it listed in list_jobs():

>>> import disco
>>> disco.list_jobs())
[{'id': '5d650d25179854000d72b8cc', 'archived': False, 'name': 'd08e3e029bfc412ebc316e21f1a7dae0', 'status': 'Done', 'taskStates': ['Success']}]

Those functions return an instance of Job, which gives access to many useful operations on a job.

Environment variables

The disco package supports the following environment variables:

  • DISCO_BASE_URL: base URL of the server. Default:

  • DISCO_EMAIL: user's email for authenticating with the server.

  • DISCO_PASSWORD: password for authenticating with the server.