Using in Production (API keys)

Create API key from web UI

  1. Click your profile avatar and select Settings:

  2. In the Settings page click the API Keys tab:


  3. Click Create API Key.

  4. In the Create API Key page, type in the key name and expiration date:


    You can set an expiration date or leave it unset.

  5. Click Create to create your key.

    Your key is created and displayed in the API keys table:


    From the table, you can copy your key using the Copy button.


    You can also disable the key from the table menu


    The disabled key in the table:


Using API Key for authentication (CLI)

Copy the key from the API keys table, use the CLI login command and the --key option.

disco login --key 95a84742-cb32-4870-9b3c-e34343ba98794